Išpardavimas! Cormoran I-COR 2PiF Padidinti

Cormoran I-COR 2PiF

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  • 1 steel ball bearing
  • Infinite Anti-Reverse®, stageless
  • Finely adjustable drag
  • X-Wind cross wrap
  • Aluminum longcast spool
  • Aluminum handle
  • Soft-touch handle knob
  • PowerBail
  • Large anti-twist line roller
  • Longlife bail spring
  • "Spring-Type" line clip


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34,90 € su PVM

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Spinning reel

The i-COR 2PiF brings fishing fun and reason together: these reels combine quality, smooth running, an Infinite system, a perfectly working drag with proper fishing qualities at a sensational price. Even the double-anodized aluminum spool is included as well as the anti-twist line roller, which spares the line and successfully combats line twist.

The S-Stroke with X-Wind cross wrap perfectly winds the line on the longcast spool and allows long and accurate casts.