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  • Product Style: Transom Motors
  • Thrust: 54lb/30lb
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Shaft Length: 42"/30"
  • Steering: Extended Tiller
  • Speed: 5/2


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299,00 € su PVM

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The Watersnake ( Fresh water) FWT Economy Transom Mount Motor has an adjustable mounting bracket made from heavy-duty alloy, making it ideal for various styles of watercraft. This freshwater model has a fixed tiller operating five forward speeds to cover everything from holding in the current for casting, to trolling, to getting from A to B quickly; plus two reverse speed controls. The main shaft is steel, the propeller shaft is stainless steel and the prop has a weedless design. It's perfect for car-toppers, small tinnies, canoes and inflatable boats.